Sunday, February 5, 2017

Doing one's Duty

"Andhakar was a boy in his XII standard.Likes to sleep in class, interested in spending hours of time seeing other boys play in the field, yet not playing a single sport. His own confession that some other boys got him interested in stuff that cannot be told to anyone except to other people of his age group (who would understand). He gets pocket money for eating fast food and having a good time with his friends.But the intended pocket money is not used for eating any fast food but for intake of slow seeming, fast poison.Now totally in bad health, he is unable to regain health in spite of seeing best doctors because their parents have no idea what he should be treated for specifically.The boy has not yet confessed his parents or the doctors his real problem,hence real help is far from the cure.The boy tells that his parents are extremely loving and trusting.He does not want to upset them by telling the truth.The lack of attention and general apathy towards anything distantly considered achievement comes from total loss of touch with the reality.
Here is what i have to say, 
1.Any kind of love that does not guide is to be reconsidered.Love should help to grow .

2. Trust that gives way to doing mistrustful deeds, is trust misused. 

3.Children in their teenage are confused as to what they should be doing and what is the right decision that they should be taking.Sometimes even when they know they are going the wrong way, they do not know how to come back to normalcy.So much Privacy that allows the teenager to  go so far has to reconsidered.Privacy limits have to be mutually agreeable to both the parents and teenagers.

4.Parents and children, both of them should try to do their duty. Parents duty is to love, guide and provide environment for maximum potential development.The duty of a Child, who may be student,  is to learn and educate as much as possible.Negative episodes also include a great deal of learning, but only negative deeds cannot be performed and learned.Children's energy and interests have to be constantly channelized and monitored.

5.When i read the Bhagavad Gita, everytime there is a new leaning and a new dimension seems to be opening .Doing one's prescribed duty is a supreme learning that should be of great guidance at all times & especially during confusion.

When in doubt as to what is the best thing to do, take a small positive step in your daily routine.Sometimes taking a small step backwards is also considered progress. All the Best.

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