Monday, January 20, 2014

Love thy neighbour!

Time to know who your neighbour is and love thy neighbour again.I may be old fashioned. These are strictly my views. Glad to share them with you.
1.Technology should only be so much used that it brings us closer to real people. And it should be kept to minimum if it separates us from our loved ones and well wishers.
2.Because of social networking sites we may be knowing when our friend in overseas had a hangover but may not be updated that our neighbour is sick too.
3.Technology has not touched as many senior citizens as much as it has all of us who are reading this.But the side effects of tech. advances is that it might cause alienation between a loving couple people , cause both of them are busy on their latest phones texting some other friends, while they should have been feeling lot better holding hands.
4. A reasonable knowledge of it is necessary to be in touch with knowledge updates round the world. should be taught technology and also reasonable limits have to be set so that they learn to give real responses face to face rather then believe only in printed texts.
6.Teenagers should learn to believe the reality in front of them rather  what they learn about others on technology.
Summing up, real people, real experiences are more satisfying.So, Time to know who you neighbour is and love thy neighbour again.

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