Thursday, July 10, 2014

Psychological Budget Psychology

Psychological Budget includes handling past achievements, emotions, influences and abilities.
The way we handle our unlimited abilities and limited opportunities or vice versa tells alot about the psychology of a person.

 1.Rosey Budget-Feels good on the outside, not lasting but very transient. Gives an impression all is well, while struggles to hold the fragrance coz it lasts only a little while.But the thorns are firm as ever, pricking refusing to soften down.Reality strikes, get-real becomes a necessity.

 2.Ladoo Vs Barfi Budget-Psychology of people who have all the resources (samagri).Inspite of everything being there sonehow the ladoos would nt be shaping properly, as per the plan.Either due to loss of precise timing or skiping an important step in the making.Finally coz sweet making is undertaken, put it in a plate or mould and make a Barfi instead.Something is better than wasting all of it.

 3.Seasoned Budget- Whatever is the reality of the underneath, is awesomely covered by great seasoning.The proof is in eating.Psychology of people who put enormous amounts of energy in seasoning rather than working on the basic substance building. Great substance can be covered by great seasoning-perfect.

 4.Bitter pill Budget- One wishes not to move of comfort zone, displeasing self or others.But taking the bitter pill challenges, motivates and helps growth.Good to take bitter pills coz if you dont take one today, lost time,age and opportunity, you may have to take in larger doses later and not necessary it may work, then.

 5.Kuch Toh log Kahenge Budget-Do what you want to do.Someone on your side will hail you and in your opposition will do critical analysis- only the bad will be communicated.But doing your own righteous life is what you are aiming.Rest how it comes across has to ignored to function normally.
Sometimes in dealing with various aspects of life we may use different psychological budget styles.All styles and newer innovations, most welcome,whatever makes you human.

 P.S.-> the views expressed in my post are purely cooked me.

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