Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Making sense of Humour

How many times poeple just crack a bad joke and say just kidding? It happens to all of us and it happened to me too. The art of it lies in failing  atleast ONCE.That moment is enough never to come up with a bad line. But how do we know what is the best way to crack a great joke? Try this.
1. Keep it simple.
2.Rehearse your lines mentally.It would be very embaressing to forget the most important lines or the punch line.
3. Breathe.
4. If possible chose a joke which is not very personal to the audience or the crowd that you addressing.
5. Remember not everyone thinks like you do.What is funny for one person could be hurting for another.
6. Best way of getting attention is not only by joking around.It would be even worse when your humour does not come through the way you want it to;let alone good impression, all you may gather is outright rejection.
7. It ok if you cannot remember one for the occassion.It helps to compliment others who did a good job at that.
8. A very risky way of narrating a joke to ensure that no one has heard of it, is to narrate a real life incident from your life.The risky part is that, it should be actually funny and trust me(Psychologist), that people(not psychologists, but still) know when it is made up on the spot.
Have a time.Try an original line.See if you can make it happen.

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