Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Stress Boss

Bosses come in, with all kinds of emotions and crazy ties.God is most often remembered by those who wish they had a different boss! Stress from a reporting corner of the boss can be one of the many reasons people quit their jobs. There are some pretty inspiring bosses who lead well and keep everyone happy.It is easy to work for a boss who has clarity of thought, open, team spirited,committed to his/her word,believes in good public relations within the office and outside.But it is very difficult to work for the boss whom you dislike and also for the boss who dislikes you, but you dont.These are two different situations altogether.Please go through the Stress nill part 1 and Stress Nill part 2, for causes of stress in general and quick-fix of it.
Let us try to understand some bosses,their styles and possible coping ideas.

Many bosses may be under the misconception that

1.Everyone likes them despite their cool/uncool attitude. (Only a secret polling against a boss will ever reveal the truth).

2."Everyone loves my parties, always( includes all themes, menu, location, entertainment).

3.They are very goodlooking(sorry! no offence to bosses who are truely goodlooking).This is because people around the boss may be flattering them all the time.

4. If they fire people for their (pardonable) mistakes in office, others will learn a lesson and fall in line.

5.If anything goes right it is solely because of his/her  leadership contribution.If anything goes wrong, it is teamwork.

Some Bosses may be
  • Mild and Mellow Boss- This boss is of an even temperment.There are not very encouraging and at the same time they are not discouraging.Sometimes even that is a worry situation  such as, when there is fire to be fought in the office, he/she is still thinking about it.Restless and fast moving subordinates have huge problem with their own targets and dealines because of this kind of boss. End of the day,month, year the  timeline schedules speak for themselves and this mild boss will not come to rescue.
        GET ALONG POSSIBILITY- Do not disturb the boss with small quantity of work.He/she is going  to  put  aside      that for more work at hand.So you be the person with more work.Make your mark as someone who comes up only when there are many things to discuss, approve, etc.If things go unexpectedly  in  doing lot of work and then going upto your boss, then after a few times, your boss will surely give you time for small chunks of work too.
  • Fast and Furious Boss- Here is boss who is wanting so many things done in so little time. And if it not done he/she is furious.He/she may have a temper that gives lightning a chance to be jealous. Some of the bosses with this temperment may be highly encouraging in good times and equally discouraging in rough times.
GET ALONG POSSIBILITY-It is a good sign if he/she is equally demanding from their own work. People who are under optimum pressure  learn lots of work under these kind of hardworking, fast and furious boss.They forgive easily and focus on work at all times.But the negative side is when the boss isnt that hardworking and demands it from others. In that case,Do your best, learn to work fast and take it up as a challenge to match his/her expectations. Always read signs for the boss's priority area and focus your work along it.But when there is a disturbance in your routine life because of workplace stress, do reconsider your alternatives. Usually people learn alot faster under the presence of a demanding boss  but the long term effects that it will last are not guaranteed.

  •  Real and Reliable Boss-This boss is open, honest and stands for what he says and means.This boss is motivating, inspiring and superlikeable(sometimes).Wow! Thats sounds good.What can be wrong with that. He/she is very work oriented and hence will not tolerate any excuses. So people who are used to moving ahead by not working much on their work but on public relations alone, will not stand a chance here. The subordinates are expected to be real and reliable too.

GET ALONG POSSIBILITY-Stop talking and get working on actual work. Do not waste time on building rapport.It is good in all situtations but along with the work you are supposed to do.

  • Hopeless and Harrassing Boss- This is boss is the nightmare and we need to be cautious about.If the boss is having negativity all around him/her and is highly unpredictable, harrassing his/her subordinates demandingly,surely a pain.This boss may cause mental or physical harrassment.Harassment of any kind at work place should not be tolerated lightly.If work and attitude fail to please him/her, it is not worthwhile to continue without taking any action.
GET ALONG POSSIBILITY- Form a single team against such boss. Every boss has a boss, do not forget.Take matters to the notice of your boss'  seniors and explain that working under him/her is becoming difficult.Try to see what best can be done in the present situation.If possible try to go on a study vacation if possible in the organization.In cases of harrassment please believe in taking action.Do not let go, of the offender because he may be traumatising more number of people in future.

What should one do when they have tough existence with their boss?
Answer.Some try to adjust, relearn, rethink and try again.Some lose hope, confidence and faith.But one thing is always haunting in the mind, whether it is possible to change the job.Changing a job or place for growth and promotion is great suituation.Quitting a job and looking for another doesnt mean being a loser. When a baby becoming a child quits the habit of bedwetting,the world never called that child a loser.To quit one, is to gain another. But  it may be needed for those who are under the intense showers of harrassment or those of you who are so stressed that you are thinking to see a therapist.

Before you make some big decisions, think about these issues:-

1.Firstly analyze if your boss is really difficult to get along or you think he/she is. No matter where we go and what we do, we  may have a new boss and he/she may turn out to be worse than the previous one.

2. If something in your workplace is so stressful to you because of your boss that you are psychologically getting upset  please try clear talk to your boss's boss.Also, go with some alternatives, like you are considering some leave to relax, restart your educational dreams with or without loss of pay, transfer to another team or department or place etc.Please try not to cry.Any awkwardness always blurrs calrity and outcome.

3.Do introspect serious CHANGE. Think if there are any personal flaws.Like most common office mistakes stem from being late and being very highly effective thereon ( if the promptness alone can be ignored).But many bosses are very unforgiving on this issue.So if your job requires to bring about a change that will only make you a better person, try to change. Channelize your time.

4.Acquire new skills that are required for you to function.Never be laid back to read and learn afresh.

5. Always keep your basics strengths and weakness in mind.Donot land up in a new job with all the things you disliked in your previous job.

So, webmen and webwomen, all the best!the world is nice place.Please try to feel it positively once every day.


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