Friday, July 27, 2012

Handwriting and U!

Dear friends, each one of us have a unique handwriting just like we have unique fingerprints. But with the age of internet no one is writing much these days.It is a dying art.For some children and grandchildren to come, finding how the handwriting of their parents might look like may become some 'treasure-hunt' that they ever imagined.Losing ones handwriting is the most  personal precious skill that we may ever lose.Love letters, letters to friends and close associates can be made personal by doing it the traditional way- writing. So I think very soon seeing any ones handwriting sample may be very difficult in time to come. Even similar looking hand writings have many distinctive features.Today I would like to share as a psychologist, that  handwriting is an art and its analysis is a science.
There is possibility of changing some  behaviour patterns by correcting some aspects of the handwriting. Also for normal people as well as psychopaths/criminals/offenders it is not possible to fake being someone else by following an another  man's handwriting.Some or the other letter in the writing will give away the faking to someone who has complete knowledge of it. Even knowing a little of handwriting analysis is a good leisure time hobby for many in work places.But, it may be boring to know that "little knowledge is once again dangerous", even in the case of this analysis.
Just in case any of you is interested in reading others out of  general curiosity or necessity, here are a few   tips to get started, and i will keep posting as the interest shows by.

Skills of a handwriting Analyst( even if it  is for time pass):
1. Observation of Details in handwriting.
2. Genuine Interest in knowing others.
3.  Not to manipulate others with the little knowledge of the analysis.
4. To share with others whatever is understood from handwriting exactly from which specific aspect.
5. To learn atleast a few correction strategies through improved handwriting.

Statutory warning:Please do not generalise the general analysis unless it is corroborated with other coherent signs.
1.Usually, the way people use their plain sheet of paper is the way the they use their resources wisely or without much thought. You might have seen some people use a whole lot of A-4 size paper to write a small bit of information, while there may be others who look for appropriate piece of paper for the length of the information.
2.Mostly, People who use ink pens are highly emotional and are concerned about impressions.
3.Most likely, people who use always coloured pens other than blue or black, are always wanting to be seen as having unique identity, different from others, usually not for the reason that they may be truly different from others but out of fear that they may not be really  unique.
4. Most people, who retrace many letters in their writing are always trying to correct their imperfections and  it may also mean, (along with others signs), that they fail to learn from their mistakes and repeat them.
5. Interestingly, people who light many points in their letters, with highlighting pens feel everything is important  and most often may not conclude or reach the point of summary in their letter ( they may not successfully come to conclusion as what is the most important thing to do).Such people are usually artistic in nature cause of their attention to detail which makes them feel everything is important.And remember most creative people are not always compelled about completing their work if something distracts or disinterests them.

Happy analyzing! Get going and learn this ancient science and see the difference.There are many good books and lots of interesting information on the net also.

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