Sunday, February 5, 2017

Emotions are like Waves !Be an Ocean of compassion.

Emotions are like waves. Sometimes one feels totally on top of the world and sometimes absolutely rock bottom. And no sooner than you think, from the very rock bottom a hope arises from no where and in all probability from within and one starts floating to surface.

The other day i was Counseling someone. During the session the realization was soon there that this person i was counseling  whom i chose to call Miss.Hope was hardly with any  hope. My eyes were focused on her making a safe eye contact for her to continue but I must confess was praying with all my might to all my gurus, to the universe, to my highest qualification for somehow making me enabled to stop this person from being suicidal.

Disappoint, heart hurt, broken dreams, goal less, no confidant,no friends to trust,indifferent family attitude, no siblings to share the hard feelings were too many issues to handle in just 45 minutes. I want to help and i will help is the loud voice in my head but i knew the time is a constraint.Though I wanted to give all my time,  Ms.hope had to leave because her parents would be worried if she did not reach home on time.I said your family is concerned about you so you should slowly share your concerns with them, "there must be someone...". So she said it will take a long time and i do not have the patience or energy to do so. 
 She would not share her contact number or her parents' number lest they might come to know somehow.  This is the usual experience with most young teenagers. So i applied some theoretical and some self arrived practical solutions which totally work like instant food when terribly hungry. I want to share  them here not to celebrate shortcuts. But i feel anything that can save lives, give hope, help continue another day, week, year is all worth it.
 1. A person contemplating suicide will not be listening to long term solution.So saying things like next year, next friend, next job, next examination, take up a hobby, fall flat at the high walls of  deaf ears. 
2.Youngsters respond to inspirational music.Listening to real people is so difficult for most of them.So have some inspirational videos and music handy. Play them and show them.
3. Talking comes easier.Especially if it is someone they know is neutral or professional in helping. Show genuine interest in their life and what they want to share. A person will want to continue telling all about himself/herself  and needs validation from this one person that they are thinking right by deciding to take the extreme consequence.
4. Persistently do not start telling right from the beginning of the session that it is not the right thing to do because they stop communicating mentally.Instead keep telling them, "now you have come to the safe place, trustworthy person,right decision to do so".
5.In the conversation keep listening to appreciate even the minutest of details being handled well, done rightly.Sometimes just appreciating the way the person is able to put his/her whole life in words, story,  does  miracles to a  less hopeful soul.
6.Whenever the mind is disturbed, read the spiritual books of any faith you have interest in.It can be miraculously uplifting.I read the Bhagavad Gita and find it very inspirational at all times.

Young Friends, please do not be so busy in your social networking world, that  you forget to notice your friend/roomate/classmate feeling miserable. Of what use is your smartness if you could not instill hope and life into your near and dear. Be an Ocean of compassion!

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