Wednesday, July 3, 2019

A story of Holding onto Hope of Good times.

 Story - Jhansi 
Jhansi was born in a well to do family with all basics needs and little luxuries well provided for. Her parents were courteous to relatives and helpful to those around them. Jhansi grew up to be a Veterinary Doctor with great compassion for animals, which extended to her having compassion for all in general. Her parents had found an alliance for marriage wherein the boy was a high official in the Government sector. It was romance made in heaven for the couple. They had kids and when things were going great in all aspects of life, a challenge at workplace put Jhansi’s husband on a legal battle. This is when the inner strength of Jhansi came forward. She held her family together, cried when no one could see or her. Wiped her tears and served the best to the family in all possible ways. Her parents were of immense emotional and financial help. Jhansi had a great faith in the good deeds of her husband. During the enquiry and trials, Jhansi stayed immensely positive, fought with her own insecurities to float alive. Her major strength used to come from praying and waiting for things to change at their own pace. Jhansi was jovial through the phase, holding on to hope, as she prayed hard to be free from the tough times at hand. She tried to establish as much peace in the family as possible by hiring enough staff as were there before the trial had started so that the kids are least disturbed by the unprecedented change. Jhansi was compassionate and loving towards all. She loved her friends with authority. Jhansi was always generous and large hearted to spend in spite of the salary constraints due to the trial.  She was also well mannered and modest about her ability to keep calm and be sportive wherever it demanded. Jhansi could be seen taking part in community activities too. She wore the good clothes she had in great collection. She never gave pitiable vibes and looked happy still. Jhansi held unwavering steady determination to support her husband. Then one day exactly after a year, her husband’s efforts to present his case appropriately got them free of charges.
Learning: Our nature determines what we evoke from the Universe goodness or despair.
Mode of goodness can be achieved by practicing few qualities of gaining positive knowledge, ability to pray and hold on thus, being truthful, free from anger, ability to know when to give up as well as when to let go.  Actions which ensure peace establishing rather than peace disrupting are always in the mode of goodness.
The fortitude to believe that no evil can befall on someone intrinsically good and keep on doing whatever duties one is supposed to do in daily course of action are great help. 

Under crisis, one should not act under the passion of honor and resort to life taking measures. Instead one should believe with utmost patience that positive turn of events in the form of change is a possibility.

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