Friday, April 1, 2011

Cricket and unwanted choices

What a match it was between India and Pakistan. Great and crazy till the last over. It was a good Wednesday for us and let us hope that the Saturday match would be greater.
But it is funny that such a great day can also be a day full of (unwanted) choices and emotions.Sometimes games are not just games, if they are not managed well.
What are they?
1. Work versus pleasure of
2. Wife, kids versus TV
3. Greetings, pleasantries versus directness on phones
4. Cleanliness versus mess
5.Husband's party preference versus wives sense of being twosome (over watching cricket)
6.Watching cricket with boss versus watching it with wife.
7. Fast food versus home cooked meal
8.Low calorie versus high
9. Big screen versus small
10. Home viewing versus hotel / group viewing
11. Cricket or movie with girlfriend( remember  there is danger of being stuck with whatever you chose) 
12. Cartoons, soap operas versus cricket
13. Tears versus cheers
14. Threats versus smiles
15.A  Day for pleasure versus  days of pursuance.

My take on choices, talk to people who matter to you and explain how much
cricket means to you. Convince your way by committing to spend in someother.......
way next weekend or weekends. Enjoy life.



  1. once in a life time event that united 2 billion people.

  2. Take look at the blog

  3. 2nd April is the most exciting day of Every Indian. Espacially for the new generation the image of Indian Team lifting world cup will be etched in the minds forever.