Sunday, April 17, 2011


Are only grown ups stressed?  As adults we get to experience the word stress from many causes(stimuli).The causes are mostly externally induced and an individual's internal response to that stressor determines whether the coping strategy followed is helping or not.I plan to put a detailed separate post for each of the main reasons/causes of the stress along with my take on coping with them.In general the main reasons for stress can be
  • Boss
  • Subordinates Lobbying
  • Sexual Harrassment
  • Harassment in general(abuse of any kind)
  • Time managing skills
  • Unsuccessful relationships
  • Lacking in physical or/and mental stability
  • Targets at work
  • Aging
  • Concern for physical (out) Looks
  • Children
  • Lack of a particular skill
  • Education and Career
  • Recognition  & Attention -Lack of it or too much of it
  • Doctorate completion (This I would post  and dedicate it to all my friends who wanted to know why for 3 years I put my  joy-n-party into jeopardy)
 Practically, the best way to deal with stress can be learnt from kids. My 7 year old daughter and my 5 year old son do not know that meaning of stress. Good for them. Though kids also have to go through lots of difficulties at their kiddo level, yet they do not define their end-of-day as Stressed until they are more grown up.
Why and What is it that we can learn from them that would be very practical less bookish? Kids always believe that almost all things can be controlled by them. The answer to fight stress in general is to have that kind of SELF-BELIEF  which can be gained gradually by repeating the auto suggestion that even “I can slowly yet practically gain control over some things here IF I think clearly”. Auto suggestions are suggestions to one self which have very motivating effect on us. Here lets try some lines.
 Auto suggestions during the stressful time should be very powerful.

 1. “I do have energy that is unknown, even to me also. I should be waking that sleeping beauty NOW”.

2. “If I can mentally relax for a while (at least 5 minutes during peak stress), think, plan and fight back, at least I will not be in a very bad situation, than I am already in.”

3. “ I can always get a new job. I will not, NOT wait till I get a new job to take action based on reason and logic.”
4. “There are some good people too. I have had bad times, but it is not correct to believe that the world is a tough place to live and everyone is manipulative.”
5.”People before me have survived even horrible situation than mine.I am lucky to be atleast this strong. I will pull all my strength together and make it work”.


  1. It's really a gud topic u choose. we all r stressed in one way or the deal with the`stress, at times we need someone to guide us. To LET GO really destresses it. thanx for the information.

  2. very useful but too long.but i guess that is required.u know better...

  3. That's very pleasant suggestion given to each one experiencing stress in day-today life. Its worthwhile discussing such a topic.Keep suggesting..

  4. Thanks for delving into the topic which stares stark at ur face 24*7. I find it most relevant in the current Indian context where working mothers try to hold on to ancient values and surge ahead professionally at the same time.

  5. Mam, I want your help, i'm little distressed after seeing the conditions of gwalior and its small children working in auto shops as a wage labors.
    I'd been working to spread awareness among women to protect themselves from social crimes. Please do visit my blog "".
    Mam, please suggest what can i do for them.