Friday, April 1, 2011

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Happy all,
I started this blog with the inspiration of my husband.My brother who is a software enggineer created and commenced it.The opinions expressed in the article are my personal expression which i deduced from my understanding of the world and reasoning from the knowledge i gathered. Because opinions differ, i am totally with you when you disagree with me.Commenting on the blog for suggestions, reactions or feedback is really easy.Just click on the comments tab which appears at the bottom of each post.You can give your name or choose to remain anonymous.  Also wellwishers and friends for life,
1. I suggest feel welcome to write to me at
2.Let me know if i can post that problem and the query as a pubic reading material on the blog.There are two good reasons to do this.Firstly, anyone who is having similar problems or is going through same situations may get some direction from your well posed question.Secondly, a reply to an impending issue itself becomes very interesting to read and learn from others' experience.
3.But if you are not comfortable i will be with you, respecting your privacy.
4. My request to you is that even if you want your interaction with the psychologist to be discreet, can I post the general idea without referring to who asked, so that it may benefit others and hence save time of the world at web.(think of the all the good karma you will be acquiring by saying YES to me on this one thing).
5. I am, what I am. Thank you for letting me be so.
6. Have patience,I am fast at reading(my strength) and slow at writing(my weakness).so my weakness may reflect in my replies.Hold on. Because I will.
7. Thank you for your time and trusting me with issues of your life. I feel honoured already.

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